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Dr. Melanie Elyse Brewster is an associate professor of psychology and education at Columbia University and the Director of Clinical Training for the counseling psychology PhD program. As a New York state licensed psychologist, she holds a part-time private psychotherapy practice in midtown Manhattan and has worked with a broad array of clinical issues—ranging from identity development and career empowerment to recovery from trauma and sexual violence.

Dr. Brewster co-founded the Sexuality, Women, and Gender Project at Teachers College, Columbia University—a graduate-level advanced certificate housed in a world-renowned training ground. The certificate aims to prepare the next generation of educators, researchers, practitioners, administrators, and activists interested in new waves of theory and innovative practice to improve well-being and mental health across marginalized or minority groups.

Her book, Atheists in America, was published by Columbia University Press in 2014 and is available online and in brick and mortar retailers.  She comments occasionally on politics [Yahoo], lifestyle [Vice], gender [CBC], and/or social issues [CNN] for media outlets. Regarding other research and scholarship, Dr. Brewster writes extensively with colleagues across the globe on issues of minority stress, stigma, and discrimination. Her research team, identityLORE (Laboratory for Oppression, Resilience, and Empowerment), is composed of masters- and doctoral-level students from Teachers College.

Outside of academia and clinical work, she is a practicing artist and designer under the brand, there / not there.